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ANU College (ANUC) is the English language and academic pathway provider for The Australian National University (ANU), Australia's highest ranked university and among the world's best. The ANU College Foundation Studies has been designed to provide students with the appropriate academic preparation for their intended ANU degree program.


1. Why Choose ANU College

•    ANUC graduates generally perform better in their ANU degree programs than other international or domestic students.^
•    ANUC equips students with academic and research skills that are world class and to the standard ANU requires.
•    ANUC facilities are on ANU campus. Students have the opportunity to experience university life and meet both Australian and international students.
•    ANUC academic staff are highly qualifi ed. Most hold postgraduate qualifi cations and have international teaching experience.
•    Guaranteed entry to ANU degree programs upon successful completion of the ANUC Foundation program, and subject to meeting ANU’s entry requirements.

2. Campus and Facilities

ANU’s main campus is in the heart of Canberra in the Australian Capital Territory, only minutes from the nation's parliament and national institutions, and just a short walk from the city’s bustling centre.
Our campus combines the advantages of studying in Australia's capital city, with its state-of-the-art spaces for research, but wide open ‘green’ spaces to learn, meet and live. A sculpture walk, heritage trails, art gallery and Classics Museum are just some of the on-campus facilities and attractions.
There is a strong residential focus on campus, supporting a community with plenty of social and academic options. Additional counselling, health and medical, religious, parenting and disability services are also provided.
Facilities at the ANU College campus include:
•    17 purpose built classrooms with ICT (Information and Communication Technology) facilities over 2 levels
•    SDL (Self Directed Learning) with computerised language learning software
•    Wireless network and internet access for students
•    Access to ANU libraries*
•    Comfortable student common room with kitchen facilities
•    Quiet study and ICT resource areas for students
•    First Aid Officers available
•    Assistance from a student welfare support officer.
* All ANUC students have access to the libraries. The only group not able to access their databases are EAP students.  No ANUC students have borrowing rights

3. Pathway to ANU

The ANU College Foundation Studies – a bridging pathway into university – has been designed to provide students with appropriate academic preparation for their intended ANU degree program.
Upon completion, and subject to meeting ANU entry requirements, acceptance into the student’s chosen university undergraduate degree program is guaranteed (current success rate of 98%).
There are two programs offered: FS Standard (2 semesters) and FS Extended (3 semesters).
FS Standard (2 semesters) - Comprises nine courses: Academic English, Advanced Academic English, Computer Applications and six academic content courses.
Students are assigned an academic stream according to their intended ANU degree pathway. This ensures all necessary prerequisites and assumed knowledge are completed before matriculation to university.
•    Approximately 20 hours of face-to-face class time per week
•    Students must pass all first semester subjects (minimum grade of 50%) to be eligible to progress to semester two.
FS Extended (3 semesters) - Requires students to successfully complete these compulsory subjects in their first semester: Foundation English; History of Maths; Communication Studies; and History Makers.
•    Approximately 20 hours of face-to-face class time per week.
•    A minimum grade of 60% in each subject is required to continue the extended pathway.
The second and third semesters follow a similar ‘streamed’ structure and progress rules as the Foundation Studies Standard program.

4. Programs & Courses

•    Pathway to University: Foundation Studies, Diploma of Computing, Diploma of Liberal Studies
•    English Language: English for Academic Purposes, ANU Access English
•    Maths Courses: Maths Basic Course, Maths Bridging Course

5. Scholarships

ANU College of Business and Economics International Merit Scholarship.
Each year the ANU College of Business and Economics (CBE) may award up to two half-tuition (50%) fee sponsorships to eligible ANU College Foundation Studies students. Students must accept an offer of degree study in the ANU College of Business and Economics to be eligible.
The scholarship is highly competitive and is awarded to students based on their academic performance in the ANU College Foundation Studies program.

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