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Welcome all students

A warmly welcome you to the official website of C.E.S Overseas Counselling Services.

Dear Parents & Students,

We understand that decision of studying overseas has always been an important and smart investment decision for each family. However, there are so many things to consider carefully and well prepared to ensure the best advantages and high approved application take into account such as which course to choose, which Institution & where to go, as well as the trusted representative in Vietnam you should work with…

Similar to being at a supermarket, where there are thousands of choices, we will need to choose the most appropriate one for us. Expensive options would usually offer high quality, nevertheless there are some affordable options yet still just fit our needs. Then, how to become a smart consumer? With years of experience in oversea counselling industry, VISA application assistance and successfully in helping thousands students go to study in Australia as well as other countries, CES understands these issues & always placing ourselves in customer’s position to work with all of our heart.

With a passion of bringing high quality services to the customers and the joy of enable the wings for the dreams and aspirations can soar, CES has been found by 2 members who both have almost 20 years of seniority in international education industry. We have been directly involved in counseling students, in having intensive knowledge on education systems, details of courses as well as related information on visa and immigration… With such expertise & experience, we have been successfully assisted more than 3,000 students going overseas to study over the last 2 decades. It’s assured that you will be pleased in choosing CES services.

Come to the CES, our counselors will help you to find out the most suitable and Comprehensive Educational Solution on each situation. CES will be sure as your always trusted partner on the road to join the international education system.


NGUYEN, Thi Thuy Hang