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Studying in a Victorian Government school opens your eyes to the wonders of learning and the world beyond the classroom. You can achieve academic success and secure your pathway to university in Australia, your home country or elsewhere in the world.

Who we are: The Department of Education and Training, as experienced leaders and innovators in education, the Department of Education and Training (DET) is held in high regard both locally and overseas. Policymakers and leading educators from around the world come to Victoria to learn about our education system and its inventive approach.

DET is the government agency for, and major provider of school education in Victoria. The International Education Division (IED) represents DET in the international arena. We promote Victorian school education overseas and international education in Victorian government schools. We’re located in Melbourne, the capital city of Victoria.

A reputation as trusted advisors: We’ve spent time building our reputation as key players and policy experts in international education. We regularly exchange ideas with our friends and colleagues across the world. We champion the highest level of care and support for international students.

Melbourne city, Victoria

International education in Australia enriches both local and international students. It prepares you for a competitive and complex world where cultures and countries are connecting more quickly.

More and more, Australia is linked to other countries through trade, travel and migration. India, China and other Asian nations are growing influences in Australia. To be confident citizens of the world, our young people need to be exposed to many cultures and international variety.

Scence in Victoria, Australia

Taking a global view: An education in Victoria, Australia is a global education. Employers look for skills that are current and transferable. Students who think globally can think about the bigger picture and help find broader solutions.