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The student visa interview for Australian student visa is different to some extent from the immigration interview in that the student is questioned on the subjects of the requirements and the need for the higher education choice in Australia. Students are asked about their choice of university, their capability to cope in a foreign country and the plan for their career path in Australia or in their home country.

There are diverse types of categories when it comes to the Australian student visa interview and they change based on the type of visa obtained by the student. It is mainly a program that takes in different levels of education.

Interviewing Generic Student Information

The student visa interview questions for students will be at variance based on the student’s qualification and course of study. The interviews are usually held directly with the students and parent(s) are not required to be present unless they are accompanying the student. The student is questioned on his or her choice of institution selected and each of the rejections and admittance offered to the student by the different institutions across Australia. As part of the student visa interview for an Australian student visa the student may also be asked to show the GRE score card to make sure that he or she meets the requirements of the student visa process. The interviewer will also ask the name of the sponsor, along with the place from which the student has obtained his or her undergraduate/higher secondary qualifications.

Interviewing Student’s Personal and Family Information

A student may also be questioned about his or her father’s business or employment, the average income and the usual set up of the family. A student attending an interview for an Australian student visa will be questioned about his or her plans upon completion of the course. The interviewer might ask for the bank statements and passbooks to be shown at the interview and if the parent(s) are retired or unemployed, the department will request for further investigation on how the degree will be sponsored and how the student will be funded to pursue higher education in Australia.

Interviewing Student’s Education Provider and Financial Assistance

In addition a student will be questioned about the scholarship/grant/student loan and the undergraduate percentage or GPA and the IELTS score. A student’s religious background will also be questioned and a proof of intention to return to the country of origin will be required from the student. The interviewer will also question how the student will cope if the visa is rejected or if it is approved and the student should confirm that they have enough funds to return to their country during the holidays and their plans to maintain touch with their home country. Moreover the student will also be questioned as to why the institute is interested in offering the student a place and/or scholarship/grant.

Visa Processing Time

The processing time service standards for various types of visa applications are concurrent to the Portfolio Budget Statements. The department aims to process 75% of applications within these service standards, yet the actual processing time may vary depending on a range of factors.

Applicants need be aware that the service standards are suggestive only and processing time on individual applications may vary depending on individual conditions and the difficulty of each case, as well as by location, reflecting the differing circumstances of national and regional caseloads applying from the date the application is received by the department, including transfers from a service delivery partner and state and territory office. In general it takes from 1-4 weeks to process student visa applications.